TIME: 60 minutes

TEAM: 2-6 people

DIFFICULTY: advanced

The feature escape room for logical puzzles funs, allows to immerse in enigmatic world of the Alchemist. The purpose is to find secret discoveries in 60 minutes. The room is recommended for 2-6-person team, advanced difficulty level.

Once in old tenement houses of Lublin there was Alchemist Hector studio discovered. Known as prankster and joker, he hid a key ingredient of the philosopher’s stone. Apparently, the Alchemist discovered the formula of immortality, which was lost in the past. Nevertheless, the rents is regularly paid from various foreign accounts.

The Department of Alchemy of the United Nations has announced the award for the discovery of the Alchemist’s secrets. Your team has the chance to find these treasures and get rewards.

The task is risky: traps are hidden in the room. As a result of the work of previous seekers’ groups, it is known that one of the test tubes explodes every hour and destroys everything in the room. There is 60 minutes only to find the magic ingredient and get a valuable reward. Will you accept the challenge?

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