TIME: 60 minutes

TEAM: 2-6 people

DIFFICULTY: intermediate TIME: 60 minutes


Fantasy escape room refers to the legendary myth of Ariadne, the Minotaur and the maze. Recommended for participation of 2-6 people depending on the experience of the players. The time of the game is 60 minutes, difficulty level is intermediate.

Horrible Minotaur, a monster from Ancient Greece, has been reborn in our times and demands sacrifices from intelligent and clever people. The monster is more cunning than in ancient times. Minotaur is watching for happy and relaxed victims in places of entertainment. There is a chance to destroy the Minotaur’s power in escape room. Ariadne, a princess from Crete, has left some tips to help players to win over a dangerous enemy. Prove yourself, accept the challenge and get out of the room before the Minotaur appears!

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