Lublin, get ready for fun!

Go! Escape is the modern escape room in the city. Are you looking for interesting and exciting pastime with your friends? Try to transfer to different place and time to solve all the puzzles and escape in 60 minutes!


Scenarios of our rooms are unique and exceptional. They are created by two writers, prepared and tested by the group of organizers and testers. You’ll find creative and tricky puzzles in each room, which guarantee you and your mates wonderful fun adventure in Go! Escape as well as brilliant memories.


You have 60 minutes. Will you be able to escape?


Ariadne’s thread: the escape room in Fantasy style. It refers to the legendary myth of Ariadne, the Minotaur and the maze. Recommended amount of players: 2-6 people in each team, depending on the level of their experience. Time: 60 minutes. Level of difficulty: for beginners.

Alchemist’s Studio: This feature room allows the logical puzzles enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the enigmatic world of the Alchemist, to find his secret in 60 minutes. Recommended amount of players: 2-6-person in each team. Time: 60 minutes. Level of difficulty: advanced.

Magic Hat: this Fairy-tale room will lead you into the magical world of the Moomins. The riddles are suitable both for adults and for children. The room is recommended for a group of 2-4 adults or 3-5 children. Solve the puzzles in Magic Hat in 60 minutes and restore the order in the Moomins’ Valley. Level of difficulty: intermediate.