It is mobile escape room. The room is suitable both for adults and children from 6 years old. For groups of children under 10 years old active participation of one adult is strongly recommended.

TIME: 60 minutes

TEAM: 2-4 people (adults)

               3-5 people (children)

DIFFICULTY: intermediate


The Moomins’ story go on. New adventures are waiting for everyone children and adults in the Moomin House! The Moomin family is a family of fabulous creatures, and something interesting is happening with them all the time. This time, Wizard’s magic hat has appeared in the Moomins’ house. Everything would be great if the hat hasn’t start to frolic and make fun of everyone who visits the Moomins’ house.

Noone knows the end of this story, but all inhabitants of the Moomins’ Valley are worried. Moomin’s Dad decides to ask for help and call for the intervention group. The task of the rescuers’ group is to find the Wizard’s location and to return him his hat.